Our trainers at Bear Brook are an intricate part of our facility. It's truly delightful to see them in action with a dog. They have all had many years experience working with dogs and certainly know their stuff! They love helping novice dog owners grow into seasoned handlers and assisting seasoned handlers improve even more. To see more about our trainers, see our "Meet the Trainers" page under the "Training" menu.


Taylor and Controlled K-9 bring an exciting new dimension to the kennel.Being a Master Trainer certified in off leash obedience, behavior modification, tracking, and assistance dog training and more. She has trained over 100 dogs, and placed 35 in working or pet homes.

Taylor starts by teaching our Puppy Socialization Classes all the way through advanced obedience. In her down time she works her own dogs and keeps up with her photography.

Agility Trainer, Tiffany Smith

  Tiffany has been tutored under the care of our former Agility Trainer Terry Bedard for several years she has excelled in both instructing as well as participating in Agility trials.  Using positive reinforcement, Tiffany will show you how to have fun and build a strong relationship with your dog. 

tiffany ribbon for agility trial_3.jpg