Kennel Technicians 

Our Kennel Technicians are the ones that take care of your pets while they're here at Bear Brook! They provide the loving care and attention for all the animals and make sure that your pets are comfortable during their stay. They have all been taught how to read dog body language and how to detect signs of irritation, illness, etc.


Andrew is another one of our amazing kennel techs and has been with us since May 2013 after moving to Maine from Massachusetts. He thinks working at Bear Brook is great because we have such an awesome crew and we have so many great dogs and cats that come board with us! Having a positive work environment makes his job easy. He likes to skate board, play basketball, bike, and does mixed martial arts.

Colton_1_.jpgColton is currently a senior at Brewer High School. He grew up with his family that always owned many dogs and cats. He owns three Saint Bernard’s named Gracie, Brandy, and Athena. He enjoys working at Bear Brook because of the great staff and the opportunity to work with dogs as much as possible. On his off time he enjoys hiking, playing football, and playing tennis.


Tia came to Bear Brook a little while ago to help us out at night as our night time janitor of sorts. She comes in to clean after we've closed and also makes sure the dogs and cats are all set before she leaves at night. She loves the experience with all the animals as she hadn't been around dogs much before. She likes hiking, going to the gym, and watching movies. She has a black cat named Boo-Boo and she loves Boo-Boo's personality.

IMG_2472_1_.jpg  Nick is an animal lover. He owns four cats and one red Doberman named Loki. He loves the outdoors and anything active (or dangerous!). He enjoys making his own music and videos on his spare time. He wishes Maine would stay warm all year.