Day Care

Doggy Day Care is an all day free for all for the dogs that come. It takes a keen eye to keep the dogs from getting over excited and to maintain a healthy level of play, which makes our Day Care Attendants excellent for the job as they are astute and quick to spot any trouble. They have all been taught how to read dog body language and how to detect signs of irritation, illness, etc.

hollycrop.jpgHolly has been here since 2007 as our Day Care Director. She also has worked as a kennel tech, as a receptionist, and as a trainer with Lloyd. She has taken a Dog Day Care: Beyond the Leash seminar to help further her knowledge of dog behavior. She has worked with animals for over 11 years, can read the dogs very well, and all the dogs in Day Care love her! She has always owned dogs and loves interacting with them in the Day Care setting. Her hobbies include dancing at Native American pow wows, making native regalia, doing bead work and other art-related crafts. She also recently illustrated a children’s book called Peace is Different by Cindra Cleaves Simpson, which she is very proud of! She has a 10 year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Willow who loves to play and is always happy with a never ending supply of energy. He doesn’t seem to realize he’s getting old!

Ben is also a part time Day Care Attendant, but he also does other jobs here at Bear Brook so you will find him elsewhere on our page.