Most people don’t realize that we also have retail stock! We aren’t just for boarding, grooming, training or day care! We also sell collars, leashes, jackets, bandanas, dog/cat food, and more!

Pet Food

We exclusively sell Hill’s brand foods. A few years ago, the Brewer Veterinary Clinic & Bear Brook Kennel researched the available pet foods. We found that Hill’s Science Diet, Ideal Balanace and Prescription Diets offered the best quality for the price. See our “Pet Food” tab under the “Retail” menu.


Pet Apparel

We sell Dogn’i Apparel at Bear Brook! This includes many items for your dog’s fashion needs such as collars, leashes, jackets, bandanas, and more! See our “Pet Apparel” tab under our “Retail” menu for a more detailed look at what we carry!