Day Care Prices

We have different prices and packages depending on your Day Care needs!

Our rates for Dog Day Care are:

By The Day is best if you only plan on coming sporadically. This way, you won’t have paid up front for a bunch of Day Care days that may not get used up if you decide to stop coming or spend long periods of time out of Day Care. You can still purchase the prepaid packages, of course, and the days that haven’t been used will be kept track of on your dog’s chart.

The Prepay Options are best if you plan on bringing your dog(s) fairly consistently. It makes it easier to pay in lump sums so you don’t have to come into the office every night you pick up from Day Care. It also is less expensive in the long run because our prepay options come out to a less than $20/day for Day Care.

5 days prepaid = $18/day

10 days prepaid = $17/day

15 days prepaid = $16/day

When you prepay, you cannot use prepaid days to cover previous days that are still unpaid on an account. For example, if you have a balance of $20 for Day Care and wanted to purchase a prepaid package, you would need to pay off the $20 along with the prepaid package cost. Also, prepaid Day Care days don’t have to be used in succession. You can come any time and still have those prepaid days on your chart.