Frequently Asked Grooming Questions

Here are a few questions and answers we are asked frequently.

Why should I have my dog groomed?  I thought only poodles needed grooming?

Most pet owners confuse “grooming” with “clipping”.  Clipping (Which is commonly done to poodles, spaniels, terriers, as well as to some mixed breed dogs) is only one procedure in the grooming process.  Grooming also includes combing and brushing, clipping nails, plucking hair from ears,and parasite control.  Although the most obvious result of these procedures is an improved appearance, the major benefits to your pet are increased comfort and social acceptability, and perhaps even improved health.

Why does my pet have to spend the day at the groomers?

The first part of your pets grooming is, what we call a ‘rough out’.  If your pet is getting clipped, or shaved down, this part of the grooming is when we remove most of the pets coat. The ears are cleaned, toenails are trimmed, and then they head for the bath tub.  When dry, it’s time to complete the ‘finish work’, here the groomer puts all the finishing touches on your pet to make him/her look their very best!

My dog doesn’t smell bad, but I bathe him once a week anyway.

Most dogs do not need to be bathed more than once a month.  Some do not need to be bathed more than once every six months, unless they get extremely dirty.  However, long-haired dogs should be brushed out properly at least once a week, in lieu of a bath.

My cat takes a bath every day.  Why should I have her groomed?

Although cats themselves are very good groomers, sometimes they need some help.  Owners of short haired cats know that their cats shed just as much, if not more than the long haired cats do.  Brushing and combing regularly can also reduce those unpleasant hairballs caused by the cat swallowing hair she gets from grooming herself.

What kind of brush should I use on my dog?

That depends on the type of coat.  The staff at Bear brook Kennels can help you find the right equipment that will compliment your pets coat type and needs.

Should I bathe my dog before taking him to my groomer?

One of the worst problems that confront groomers is that of working on a dog which has been bathed without being brushed out completely.  The result of such a practice is a coat which is so tightly matted that clipping is sometimes the only solution.  Ask your groomer if bathing at home prior to grooming is recommended, and always brush your dog properly before bathing.

I own a long haired cat.  She has clumps of hair I can’t comb out, what should I do?

Long haired, and some short haired cats can get tangles that when left alone, can turn into tight, painful matts.  These mats are difficult to get out.  With patience and special tools we can remove the matts relieving pain and discomfort.

How old should my dog or cat be before he has his first grooming appointment?

Even though a three-month-old puppy or kitten is not usually in need of grooming, he should be taken to your groomer to get him used to full grooming gradually.  This way he will learn to accept grooming as a happy experience that he will enjoy.