Cat Grooming

Our Cat Groomer can help you make your cat look beautiful (or handsome!) any time of year! Call and ask us what we can do for your cat!

We have a separate area away from the Dog Grooming Salon for our Feline Friends.  They now have their own â€śBath and Beauty” area just off our Panoramic View Cattery.   

The cat groomer and her assistants have many ways of comforting, holding, and soothing your kitty while he/she is being groomed.  

From routine bathing and toenail trimming to in-depth matt removal, we can help!  We also offer tips on how to keep your cat beautiful year round!

We do require all cats that get groomed are up to date on their Rabies and Distemper vaccinations. There are no exceptions as this is for the safety of our staff.

If you or your pet has never been here before, we have you fill out a New Client Form for the pet you are bringing in. If you would prefer to fill this out beforehand, we do have it available for download so you can print it off and save some time at drop off. See the “Downloadable Forms” under the “Boarding” tab and download “New Client Form.”