Dog Presidential Suites

A Roomier, Deluxe Option For Your Favorite Pooch!

Bear Brook Kennel offers the option of boarding your Canine Companion in one of our Presidential Suites. Each suite is complete with a large inside enclosure with tiled walls, internet cameras, sliding glass doors, and a large outside yard with crushed rock. The Presidential Suites are more removed from the other kennels. The Suites are positioned in between the front and back sections of our kennels so they have their own separate area and the only other pets they can see are the other dogs that board in the Suites.  A daily walk and playtime are included as well as a bath and nail trim whether they stay one night or many!

Dogs can board in the Presidential Suite for any number of reasons. Owners may want that extra room for their pets, to be able to view them on the Pet Cams while away, or maybe their dog just needs a more secluded area to stay in.

The Vice Presidential Suite is a smaller Suite meant for small breed dogs. The VP still has a large outside area for the dog(s) and the dog(s) still receive a free bath and nail and 2 free play times a day but it does not have a camera for online viewing. The VP suite also cannot fit the Kuranda beds that the Presidential Suite includes but we do make sure they are comfortable with blankets to lay on.  The VP Suite also includes a bath and nails along with a daily walk and playtime!

Rates are:

Dog Presidential Suites
        1 Dog   -- $35 per night.
        2 Dogs -- $60 per night
        3 Dogs -- $81 per night

Dog Vice Presidential Suites
         1 Dog   -- $30 per night
         2 Dogs -- $50 per night

Why board my dogs in the Presidential Suite?

When your dogs board in the Presidential Suite, they will have raised Kuranda beds with blankets provided for them. However, you are free to bring your own bedding for the Suites if you should choose to do so. In contrast, we do not take owner’s bedding in the regular kennels. (We do provide blankets in regular kennels but the raised Kuranda beds are not offered.)

Your dogs will also receive 2 free walks a free walk and playtime a day so you can be assured they will be out getting exercised.

Before they go home, they also receive a complimentary bath and nail trim.

The internet cameras are also a huge draw for a lot of dog owners.  They are viewable through the “Pet Cams” tab under our “Boarding” menu. These aren’t live feeds but every 5 seconds there is a new image of your dog in his/her Suite. (Please let us know if you ever notice any issues with our cameras!)

Regular kennels can fit 2 medium sized dogs (ex: Labs or Goldens) well enough but if you have bigger dogs or more than two dogs, the Presidentials are a great way to ensure your dogs can enjoy each others’ company without sacrificing space and comfort.

The Presidential Suites book up very quickly.  Book one for your dog today!!!