Cat Boarding

Bear Brook Kennel offers large, spacious suites for our feline guests.  Each suite measures between six to seven feet high with multiple levels for climbing and comfort.  A basket and soft blanket compliment these spacious sleeping quarters.  Our cattery has plenty of windows that allow ample sunlight in to bask in the warmth in the winter.  Cats will enjoy the coolness of air-conditioning in the summer months.  Year round Bear Brook offers top notch boarding under a watchful eye of our experienced staff.  

The cattery at Bear Brook Kennel is surrounded by large windows that let lots of natural light in. There are areas outside for watching the birds in the bird feeders. 

While your cat is our guest, you may want to schedule a toenail trim, bath, or the works.  We offer full grooming for cats.  Please see our Cat Grooming page for more information!

One of our guests stretching and enjoying his pen:


Our Office Side Cattery Suites:


Our Field Side Cattery Suites: