Dog Boarding

Your dog has a few different options when boarding at Bear Brook Kennel, which are listed below.

We also offer Walks or Play times for the dogs that board with us. Walks are usually 15-20 minutes with the kennel tech and are $5/piece. Play times are 20 minute play sessions with other dogs or alone with the kennel tech. Play times are always directly supervised by the kennel tech and are $6/piece.

 Your dog will get a complimentary bath after 3 or more nights of boarding. If they board for only 1 or 2 nights, they get what we call a “touch-up,” which is a belly/legs/hind end wash. If you would like a full bath, please make sure you let the receptionists knows when you check in. The cost is $20 for a bath and $8 for a nail trim.

We can trim your dog’s nails as well while boarding, which costs $8.

Option 1: Regular Kennels. We have 2 kennel buildings with 24 inside/outside enclosures measuring 4 1/2 by 5 foot inside, and 4 1/2 by 12 foot outside.  A plexiglass doggie door separates the two.  Every pen is washed, scrubbed down, and sanitized daily inside and out.  All of the enclosures are secure and clean. All kennel floors have radiant heat throughout ensuring your dog is warm and comfortable.

Here’s a look at our inside kennels:



And a look at the outside runs:


Option 2: Inside Pens. We have inside pens we can board your dog in. They may seem unforgiving and not as spacious but we give the dogs plenty of blankets to lay on and they are let out every hour to stretch their legs. These kennels can be used for dogs that have health issues, dogs that need to stay relatively sedentary due to something like surgery, dogs that have allergies to the outdoors (i.e. grass, pollen, dust, etc), or small dogs that may get very anxious out in the regular kennels.

Option 3: Presidential Suites. These are our high end suites that are have tiled walls, sliding glass doors, a spacious outside area, and other special features. To learn more about these, please see the “Presidential Suite” tab under our “Boarding” menu.

Outside our Presidentials:


Inside our Presidentials:


Option 4: Special Needs. Our Special Needs boarding is behind our Reception Desk. We can only take one dog at a time behind the desk. We only take dogs behind the desk that have Special Needs. For more information on this type of boarding, see the “Special Needs” tab under the “Boarding” menu.

One of our former Special Needs boarder, Sally, who was old, very arthritic, and had trouble with incontinence: