Whether going on vacation for several weeks, or a short business trip for a few days, Bear Brook Kennel offers the best when it comes to comfort and care of your dog, cat, or exotic pet!

We at Bear Brook Kennel strongly believe in treating your pets as if they were our own! So if the road is calling you -- go ahead and go!  Let us at Bear Brook Kennel help you make the time away from your pet worry free.  The staff at Bear Brook Kennel is committed to help you ease the anxiety of separation for both you and your pet.

Your pet will receive quality care from our Kennel Technicians, Groomers, and Receptionists.  Your pet’s sleeping quarters, meals, and grooming will all be carried out to your specifications. Your pet is our guest!

The choice is up to you.  We offer a variety of sleeping quarters for our canine guests.  You may choose an indoor/outdoor enclosure, a Vice Presidential Suite for our smaller guests, or our newly remodeled Presidential Suites.  These large indoor/outdoor suites offer all the comforts of home for one or more dogs.

Our Feline guests have the luxury of our towered suites standing 6 – 7 feet high!  Each spacious suite has plenty of shelves to climb on and glass doors to watch the nature outside in our fields.

We provide a high quality food for our boarding guests at no extra charge.  If your pet is on a special or prescription diet due to allergies or a sensitive stomach, you’ll want to provide his/her food.  If you decided to bring your own food, please pre-package it into individual meals.  Most people use ziplock bags labeled with your pet’s first and last name on them.

Please do not bring in blankets, beds, stuffed toys, or anything that can be destroyed by your pet in the kennel.  We have blankets and mats here that we provide.  These items are easily washed.  A few non-destructable toys are acceptable.  Even dogs who do not chew at home can begin to chew in a kennel situation due to stimulation.

We encourage you to bring in some of your pet’s favorite treats.